Tuesday, June 29, 2010

while watching new moon...

when bella runs into laurent in the meadow.

the girlfriend: so, are vampires like penguins in that they mate for life and then when their mate dies they get another mate? or are they like soul mates, like romeo and juliet?

me: um...what?

the girlfriend: you know, how penguins are monogamous and stuff, but when their mate dies they get a new one? or are they like romeo and juliet?

me: like romeo and juliet, i guess.

the girlfriend: so in this mythology they're like soul mates, but in normal, not-stephenie-meyer mythology vampires are slut-fests, right?

me: right.

the girlfriend: i'm so confused. i don't need this woman adding more myth to the myth-pot.

amen, right? and she hasn't even read the books.

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