Friday, October 2, 2009


After working on a new citation cheat sheet all day at work, I figure I should make the switch to the 7th edition of MLA here too.

The only big difference for your average book (the only thing I really cite here) is that you have to add the format to the end of the citation. Also, I'll actually be right when I italicize things, instead of using italics because I like them better than underlining.

The really big difference for everything else, just in case you were wondering, is that MLA no longer requires a URL for anything. I guess they figure that if the rest of the citation is solid, your readers should be able to find your source without a direct link. Google and all that. I'll still give you links for things though. I like them.

If you're trying to make the switch at work or school, either for yourself or your students, check out NoodleBib from NoodleTools. The free version says that it is for "our youngest scholars." It is certainly easy enough for kids to use, but it handles more sophisticated, longer, whatever resources as well. AND it saves everything for you, so you can use it at the computer at the library, the computer at home, the computer in your BFF's dorm room, anywhere with internet, and all of your citations will be in the same place. We're going to be pushing it on our college students in all our library orientation and information literacy sessions.

Have fun with the new MLA everyone! I do not envy you school librarians who have to reteach how to do citations to all the kids who finally got the hang of it last year. At least I can be cranky (and less careful about swearing under my breath) when college students give me the blank stare of death when I try to explain the changes.

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