Friday, June 5, 2009


The 48 hour book challenge starts.....NOW!

Well, really, about 15 mins ago.

Since 1 out of every 6 hours can be spent blogging and stuff, maybe I'll manage to figure out some kind of graph of my hours/pages for the sidebar. Last night C was talking about how cool it would be to enter my pages read and hours reading into excel to build some kind of graph to determine my average rate of reading per book. Might be cool...but I'd rather just have an hours out of 48 that I've read/blogged and a running total on page numbers.

The latest you can start is Saturday morning at 7am, so if you see this before then and think it might be cool, SIGN UP!


Liyana said...

All the best! I'm taking part too! :D

Crystal said...

Good luck with the challenge and figuring out the graph if you decide to do that. I'm joining in later this evening and can't wait. It's my first challenge like this so we'll see how I do.

Laughing Stars said...

Good luck and happy reading! :-)