Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rebel Angels

Don't read this unless you've already read A Great and Terrible Beauty.

Bray, Libba. Rebel Angels. New York: Delacourte Press, 2005.
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ALA Best Books for Young Adults (2006)

Everything is wonderfully different now: Ms. Moore's replacement, Miss McCleethy, is teaching archery at Spence, much to Felicity's delight; Pippa lives on peacefully in the realms, where the magic is loose; and it's Christmas! Not everything is perfect, however. Miss McCleethy puts Gemma, who is sure the new teacher has some connection to Circe, on edge. Kartik has orders to make Gemma re-bind the magic of the realms so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Ann, who is allowed to return home with Felicity, falls hopelessly in love with Tom, Gemma's brother, who will never fancy a girl without a fortune. And, of course, Gemma is being plagued by new visions of three ghostly girls in white. With woes outweighing joys, Christmas break begins and all head to London where they find their biggest problem: a young girl at Bedlam mental hospital, where Tom works, who is under the illusion that a magical society called The Order is after her to restore their powers in some place called the realms.

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