Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saints of Augustine

Ryan, P.E. Saints of Augustine. New York: HarperTeen, 2007.
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Charlie and Sam, former best friends, each spend the summer dealing with problems that are much too big for either of them to handle alone. They will either drown in them or learn to be friends again to get through them together.

Charlie spends most of a great summer painting houses, working on his car, making out with the girl of his dreams and getting high. If he could only ignore the facts that his father hasn't left the house since his mother died and that he owes his dealer a lot of money, everything would be perfect. Almost. He could use someone besides his perfect girlfriend to talk to, and his ex-best-friend Sam hasn't spoken to him in a year.

Sam spends the summer hiding from just about everyone. When a new guy in town forces Sam to confront what he has been hiding from himself, he realizes that he could use a friend too. Read Saints of Augustine to see if Sam and Charlie can learn to trust each other again after so much has changed for both of them.

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